All downloads for AsukaBook are compatible with MAC and PC operating systems.

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We have created a few free tools to assist you in laying out your book designs, including blank templates for Photoshop®, our very own Tool for InDesign®, ASUKABOOK InDesign Tool (ABID) and our exclusive design software, ASUKABOOK Maker 2 (ABM2). We have also created the File Checker application that checks your design files and compiles them into a PDF for your order.

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AsukaBook color profile and calibration


It is essential to have the appropriate printer profile and a properly calibrated monitor. To help you with that, we offer a Color Profile and Calibration JPEG. These important downloads will help you ensure that the colors you see on your monitor will closely match your printed book.

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AsukaBook forms


If you would like to order by mail or you need have a designer sign a release, AsukaBook has provided Order by Mail, Credit Card Authorization and Design Release forms to meet your needs.

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Looking for graphics for your website or to print on brochures for your clients to view? We provide them to you free of charge. Just be sure to give the photographer listed on the photograph the copyright credit for his or her hard work!

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