Yes! We provide you with four discounts just for signing up – one discount for 50% off your first book, along with three additional 25% off one book discounts.

No. Not unless you included it into your design. We will print your book based on your book design file. We will not add anything to your book if a studio sample discount is applied. Your book order will be processed like all standard book orders.

We do designate these discounts so you can keep your studio stocked with current samples, but we allow the discounts to be used on any book order.

You are unable to apply a studio sample discount for a reprint order because reprint orders are already offered at a reduced price. If you would liketo apply a studio sample discount of an already printed book, you must upload the file as a new order and be sure to apply the promotional discount.

Yes! We support many photographers associations and charitable organizations, and we sponsor many speakers, workshops, trade shows and events where you may have the opporunity to receive AsukaBucks ($ off AsukaBooks or Special Discount). .

Yes and no, you can apply multiple discounts per order, BUT you may only apply one discount per one book of one PDF. In the case you would like to use multiple discounts for multiple copies of the same design, you must upload your design as seperate PDFs.

Although your 'welcome' discount does not have an expiration date, the three 25% discounts will expire at the end of earch calendar year and you will be given three new ones at that time. The expiration of AsukaBucks will be listed on the gift certificate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Care.

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