Orders for AsukaBook products are usually processed within 2 business days. Once an AsukaBook book order has been approved, your order will be shipped in approximately 3 weeks. (This timeframe may vary based on your shipping location.)

Yes, online orders are recommended, AsukaBook Asia Online Order system will be released after a while. However, you also have the option to place a Mail Order by sending us CD or DVD along with applicable completed forms. You can upload up PDFs at through FTP too. The upload time will vary.

The Gallery Box can be easily ordered through our JPEG upload system or PDF upload system using File Checker. You are able to upload 12 5x7 images of both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Mac OS X 10.5 - Firefox 12
Mac OS X 10.6 - Firefox 23, Firefox 12, Chrome 28
Mac OS X 10.7 - Safari 6, Firefox 23, Firefox 12, Chrome 28
Mac OS X 10.8 - Safari 6, Firefox 23, Chrome 28
Mac OS X 10.9 - Safari 7, Firefox 23, Chrome 28
  Windows 8 - IE 11, IE 10, Firefox 23, Chrome 28
Windows 7 - IE 11, IE 10, Firefox 23, Firefox 12, Chrome 28
Windows Vista - Firefox 23, Firefox 12, Chrome 28
Windows XP - Firefox 23, Firefox 12, Chrome 28

The upload time will vary depending on your internet connection speed, the size of your files, and heavy order volume by other customers. Uploading can take anywhere from a few minutes up to several hours.

If your internet connection is slow, the upload process will take several hours to complete. You can also submit your order via a Mail Order by burning your PDF(s) on to a CD or DVD and sending it through the mail along with appropriate completed forms.

Always make sure that sleep mode is disabled in your computer settings before uploading. If you are still unsuccessful completing the upload for your order, please contact us with the difficulties (i.e. any errors, details, and screenshots, along with your computer operating system and browser) you have received so that we may assist you in completing this order. Hence, you should not be charged unknowingly.

You may be able to view the website from a tablet, but placing an order is not possible at this time.

Currently we only accept completely designed PDFs that were created with File Checker for orders.

You can order just one copy or thousands from the same file. To request a price quote for a large order, please contact AsukaBook Customer Care .

No, you can only upload a maximum of 3 files per order, but you may select an unlimited quantity of books per file.

We accept VISA or MasterCard. Payment must be processed AFTER an order is uploaded and completed.

Orders are usually reviewed and processed within 48 hours. If concerns are found during review of your order, you will be contacted at that time.

All AsukaBook orders are reviewed for concerns. If any concerns are found in an order, an AsukaBook representative will contact you with the option to resubmit a new file, printed "as is," or place a new order. We review every order before it is sent to production for any noticeable layout concerns, but we do not check for spelling errors, design, image quality, or color choices. Before placing your AsukaBook order you must agree that you have reviewed your file(s) and they are ready for print. By doing so you take full responsibility for the layout and content.

Carefully review all of the pages before submitting your order. If you do find changes that need to be made, please contact us immediately so that your order is not sent to production with errors and we can send you a resubmission links so that you can make changes. Once your files have been reviewed and forwarded to the production center, they cannot be changed and production of your book cannot be stopped. (Orders are usually reviewed and processed in 48 hours or less, so it is very important to review your order before placing it to ensure there are no further corrections that must be made.)

No. Once your order has been processed (orders are usually reviewed and processed within 2 business days or less), it cannot be canceled.

Yes. You may order duplicate copies of these items. Designed book jackets or presentation boxes must be ordered within 90 days of the original book order. Additional frosted cases or EX cases can be ordered at any time. For more information or to purchase additional products, please contact Customer Care for pricing.

Yes, you may order reprint books at a discounted price. Your order file(s) will be stored for a period of 90 days from the date the order was placed. You may order reprints at any time during this 90-day period at a discounted price. After 90 days, you will need to place a new order for desired products at full retail price less applicable promotional discounts.To place reprint order, please contact us for more information.

You are unable to apply a studio sample discount for a reprint order because reprint orders are already offered at a reduced price. If you would like a studio sample of an already printed book, you must upload the file as a new order and be sure to apply the promotional discount.

Reprint orders are sent immediately to production as they were reviewed and processed when the original order was placed. Orders for new books must still be reviewed and processed. New book orders and reprint orders cannot be shipped together, as the turnaround for a reprint order is considerably quicker. The AsukaBook shipping facility does not have the storage capacity to hold numerous book orders that are awaiting other orders so that they may be shipped together. A fundamental goal of AsukaBook is to deliver products to customers as soon as possible.

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