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AsukaBook's slogan is "THE ORIGINAL AND STILL PAGES ABOVE THE REST". Here at AsukaBook we pride ourselves on superior customer service and the highest quality of new and innovative products in the industry. All AsukaBook products endure extensive research, development, and testing to ensure they are the best they can be. All AsukaBook products are assembled by hand with absolute quality control and care. As for our staff, we are excited about all AsukaBook products and enjoy sharing your excitement too!

We use a Digital on Demand printing process. AsukaBook products are printed on a HP Indigo Digital 6-color press with electronic inks, halftone dot, and 175 lpi. A color profile has been specially developed for the AsukaBook press and can be linkced HERE to download.

Digital On Demand printing produces color and texture like an offset press. Our quality is like any high-quality coffee table photography book you would find at a large bookstore such as Barnes & Noble.

Yes. You can now download the printer profile with more information from HERE . It is highly recommended that you review your edited images with our printer profile and calibrated monitor to verify approximate desired color accuracy and consistency.

To access 'Perceptual' in Photoshop® go to File - Print with Preview - More Options - Color Management - Rendering Intent. Selecting 'Perceptual' will give you a "natural" view of how colors should look. This must be chosen to obtain correct/desired color in your layouts.

To ensure that the colors you see on your monitor will closely match your printed book it is essential to have the appropriate printer profile and a properly calibrated monitor. To accurately adjust your monitor, a hardware monitor calibration device is strongly suggested. These devices are available for purchase from most professional photography and computer software retailers. Please click HERE to download AsukaBook's printer profile and to learn how to check your monitor calibration. It is highly recommended that you review your edited images with our printer profile and a properly calibrated monitor to verify approximate desired color accuracy and consistency.

Please watch our color video for additional information on the steps we recommend to ensure your color is accurate. You may also watch a previously recorded webinar dedicated to color management.

Color consistency and accuracy is our first priority. Our 6-color printing press is calibrated every 100 printed pages. This type of control is very rare in the printing industry. Slight shifts in color can occur from batch to batch, but it is very minimal. Keep in mind that we are printing with a CMYK color space, which requires a conversion process from your RGB files. Slight shifts may occur consequently, which is normal for any CMYK print process. Again, it is highly recommended to view your images and design with the AsukaBook printer profile and proper monitor calibration so you may adjust any possible color shifting before sending your files to us.

Most of our albums use a glossy paper that is approximately 100 lb weight paper. After printing, the pages are laminated with a gloss or matte finish, or a varnish coating is applied for added protection. Our Art Layflat Book and Art Layflat Folios use an uncoated ivory posterboard-type paper instead of the 100 lb weight paper.

This can happen with many products when the humidity fluctuates drastically due to climate change. Please lay your book flat for 24 hours and let us know if it doesn't correct iteself.

We use special inks that outlast the life of widely used press inks. A surface varnish coating or laminate is also applied, increasing durability and quality. Expect your book to last at least as long as any standard high-quality printed book.

We want to ensure you receive the highest quality product we can offer. With allowing our customers to design their own layouts, they have the freedom to express their creativity however they would like. We do review every order before it is sent to production for any noticeable layout concerns, but we do not check for spelling errors, design or color choices. Before placing your AsukaBook order, you must agree that you have reviewed your file(s) and they are ready for print. By doing so you take full responsibility for the layout and content. If your AsukaBook for any reason does not withstand “normal wear and tear” or if your product in any way differs from your designed PDF (color and/or layout), please contact Customer Care for more infromation.

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