Adobe® Photoshop®

The Adobe® Photoshop® application provides a comprehensive suite of tools for editing digital images and creating designed layouts. You can resize, enhance, color correct, and lay out your photos onto our AsukaBook templates all within Photoshop®. With the help of guides and actions, you can quickly create beautiful layouts and designs. Filters and masks can enhance any image, whether the image is black and white or color. Backgrounds can also be easily made in Photoshop® using textures and filters. The sky is the limit with just a little knowledge of Adobe® Photoshop® and our blank Photoshop®  templates, created just for our AsukaBook products.

Preparing Photoshop®

Launch the Photoshop® application, then open the "Color Settings" dialog box
  • Shortcut to open "Color Settings"

  • Windows >> Shift + Control + K

  • Mac >> Shift + Command + K

Double check that your RGB Working Space matches the color space of the digital images you will be working with for this project. This will be either AdobeRGB or sRGB.

Choose "Preserve Embedded Profile" for RGB, CMYK and Gray in Color Management Policies boxes.

Download Blank Templates

AsukaBook provides blank Photoshop® templates for your designing needs. These templates allow complete design freedom for your layouts. Each template is unique in size and guideline placement so it is necessary that you select the appropriate set of templates before beginning your design process.

The guidelines display where the canvas will be trimmed in production, as well as where the spine and gutters are located. Some of our books will be printed with barcodes. There are 2 barcode placement warning layers on these book templates that must be deleted so they will not be printed.

Please keep in mind the following:
  • The pages can shift up to 1/4 inch from the blue guidelines you see on the templates.

  • The barcode placement warning layers alert you to not put any important images or text in that area.

Click HERE to download blank Photoshop® templates.

Click HERE for review our design tips.

Design Templates in Photoshop®

TIP: Since our template dimensions are so specific always be sure use a new set of templates if anything about the album changes such as book style, book size, number of sides, or page finish.
  • Open the Blank Photoshop® templates.

  • Open your images in Photoshop® and drag your images onto the pages to create your layouts as you prefer. You can also use File>>Place to bring your images onto the template pages as a Smart Object.

  • Always be sure to "Soft Proof" your images before finalizing your layouts and saving the file.

Click HERE for more detailed information on Color and Soft Proofing.

Save Your Design

When your layouts are completed you will want to save a master, layered PSD version, as well as a JPEG.

TIP: It is important to save your layered PSD files in case you would like to, or need to make changes later on. We recommend creating a folder named "Client Reference PSD Files".

TIP: It is extremely important that the file names are not changed at any time. Changing the template names will generate error messages when you are using File Checker to create your PDF for upload. AsukaBook CANNOT make any changes to your layouts.

We recommend saving your JPEG files in a folder named "Client Reference JPEG Files". Also, make sure the "embed color profile" option in the dialog box is checked.

Save all JPEG files with selecting:
  • Image Option: Quality 11

  • Format Option: Baseline Optimized

Download File Checker

AsukaBook has developed the application File Checker which will create a pdf file from your designed files. File Checker is a must use since the PDF created is the only form of file our system allows for an upload of your order. The program will verify resolution, pixel dimension, file names, color profiles, and number of pages to help ensure a perfect book, in addition to making a PDF file for your new order!

Click HERE to download our File Checker program which is available for both PC and MAC.

Once you have unzipped File Checker, it will ask you for an activation code. Your Activation Code is your User ID, beginning with 9a. This code was sent to you via email, but if you no longer have the email you can retrieve this information quickly and easily by logging into your AsukaBook account and clicking on the "Update Account" link.

If the code entered in File Checker does not match the User ID for your account, the system will not allow the file to be uploaded.

Click HERE to view the tutorial on how to locate and enter your Activation Code.

Steps to Create Your PDF

Finalize Your layouts in Photoshop® and save all files as JPEG.

If there are barcode layers on the back cover and last inside page, don't forget to delete them or they will be printed!

Drag folder of all designed jpgs on top of the File Checker icon.

••If some of the template information is incorrect File Checker gives you an error message, please troubleshoot the error. You will need to correct the information that is causing the error and start the process of dragging jpgs onto the application over again.

Click HERE to troubleshoot the File Checker error message.

••File Checker will open a dialog box, if all of the templates are correct. The book size and style are automatically entered based on your templates. Please make sure the details are correct.

To complete the rest of the information, you simply need to make the selections from the drop down fields and enter a Client Reference which can be up to 30 characters long (e.g. Smith Baby Book or Jones Wedding).

If you are creating a Book Bound LX, FLX or EX book you will see an option to input a Hot Stamp Text. This can be up to 30 characters long. This hot stamp text will be imprinted on the cover of the leather and animal friendly leather books, and on the front cover of the red or black EX book case.

The text is limited to the following characters:

Your final step before placing your order is to click "OK" which will generate a PDF file for your new book order. Save the PDF onto your desktop. Once your AsukaBook order has uploaded, you may move the PDF to wherever you would like on your computer.

Do not rename the PDF as File Checker gives each file a unique name.

Final Check Before Placing Order

Tip: It is necessary for you to review the PDF file at 100% before placing an order. This will allow you the opportunity to check for correct image placement, image quality, color quality, typographical errors, ensure that bar code placement does not obstruct important image information, book quantity ordered and make any necessary adjustments.

If adjustments are required, simply edit the original PSD file in your "Client Reference PSD Files", save a flattened JPEG format in the "Client Reference JPEG Files" folder and generate a new PDF document with FileChecker.

You are now ready to place your AsukaBook order!

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