Discounts and Promotions

4 Great Reasons to Register!

After registering as a new customer, four promotional discounts will be activated in your account and may be applied when ordering studio samples. Each of these discounts is good on one book only. To apply a promotional code, please select the appropriate code from the dropdown menu located on the payment page. You will be directed to this page after you have selected the files to order and before payment is made for the order. If for some reason you are unable to apply a promotional code, please do not complete the payment and contact Customer Care for assistance.

1 - 50% Promotional Code (Welcome)

This promotional discount entitles you to a 50% off your first studio sample book. This promotional discount will be in your account until you apply it to an order and is valid for one use only.

3 - 25% Promotional Codes (Studio18A, Studio18B, Studio18C)

These promotional discounts entitle you to three 25% off discounts to be used on three studio sample books. They are each valid for one use only and will expire at the end of the calendar year. Your studio will receive a new set of three studio sample discounts each calendar year.

Each promo code is limited to applied in ONE unit an order. Please generate single order and not combine with regular orders.