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Photoshop provides a comprehensive suite of tools for editing digital images and creating layout designs. You can resize, enhance, color correct, and lay out your photos onto our AsukaBook templates all within Photoshop. The AsukaBook Photoshop Tool is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Photoshop and allows you to simply create blank templates, export your design, and convert your design to another product and/or size.

Photoshop Color Settings
  1. Launch Photoshop.

  2. Open Color Settings.
    (Mac: Cmd+Shift+K; PC: Mac or Ctrl+Shift+K)

  3. Ensure Working Spaces RGB matches the color space of the images to be used in the design. (Adobe RGB or sRGB)

  4. "Preserve Embedded Profiles" for RGB, CMYK, and Gray colors.


  • Color correct and edit your images prior to placing them on the design templates.
  • Open the templates in Photoshop and add desired images, text and embellishments to them.
  • The outer guides indicate the trim/fold line and inner guides mark the center/gutter, spine and divot on their corresponding files. Note that slight shifting can occur during the trimming process. For this reason, we recommend placing your images/graphics beyond the outer guides to guarantee a full bleed, or at least 1/4" inside the outer guide for no bleed.
  • View layout at 100% to check image quality and find and correct any typographical errors.
  • Soft proof your design and images to check any color changes prior to finalizing your layout. Learn more about color management...

Software Compatibility & Requirements

Adobe® Photoshop®2024 or higher with Adobe® Bridge®2024

Download Now

(Version, UPDATED: 10/03/23)

Installation Instructions

  1. Close your Adobe® Photoshop® application.
  2. Open a Finder or File Explorer window and navigate to the Adobe Photoshop Scripts folder.
    • Mac: Applications > Adobe Photoshop (your version) > Presets > Scripts
    • Windows: C Drive > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop (your version) > Presets > Scripts
    AsukBook Photoshop Tool Installation Step 2
  3. Open a second Finder or File Explorer window and navigate to the AsukaBook Photoshop Tool Files and Instructions folder.
    • Mac/Windows: Downloads > AsukaBook-Photoshop-Tool.zip
  4. Move or copy and paste the ABPs_X.X.X.XX folder into the Adobe Photoshop Scripts folder. AsukBook Photoshop Tool Installation Step 4

Blank Templates

The AsukaBook Photoshop Tool creates blank product template files for you. If you would prefer not to use it, you may download the blank templates instead.

Each blank template is set up with the appropriate size, resolution, color profile, filename, and guide locations specific to the selected product type, size, number of sides and finish. It is critical that you do not change any of the template specifications at any time. If you must change the originally selected product, download the new corresponding set of blank templates and transfer your existing design to them.

Color Space

Book Style

Page Finish

Book Size

Number of Sides (2 Sides = 1 Page)

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