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Customer Testimonials

At AsukaBook, we greatly value our customers and their opinions. It is always a pleasure to get feedback about our products and services. Thank you for sharing your comments, ideas, and excitement with us.

Molly Silvernale, Molly Silvernale Photography

"I'm new to the professional photography world, and even newer to the professional album world. The album I purchased was a 'test run' and after reviewing other companies as well, I will be using AsukaBook for all of my professional albums.

The site is easy to navigate, the communication is stellar, the ease of use is excellent, and the quality of the product is even better than I'd expected. I can't thank you enough for your excellent customer service and quality. I will be purchasing again!"

Louis Pang, Louis Pang

Cheryl Schoen, CIS IMAGES, LLC

"Just received my first order and I am very very impressed! It wasn't just the magnificent 5x5 layflat I ordered—which is lovely. I'm sure my client will be extremely happy. The entire contents of my little package was delectable. Bravo!! Finally, some amazing customer service and touches that impress. From the handwritten note, down to the Smarties candies, THIS is the way to keep folks coming back.

Sal Cincotta has YET to steer me wrong. He most definitely pegged you guys in quality ALL THE WAY (and us NYorkers are hard to impress)!

Thank you for renewing my faith in doing the right thing, and for a superlative product..."

Jock Bradley, Jock Bradly Photography

"Last week my books arrived. These were not wedding albums, but instead, a pair of portfolio books of black and white fine art images. I chose Asuka to do this project because I had heard they offered outstanding quality. When I arrived at their offices I was immediately instructed to put on a pair white gloves before touching one of "my" books. That made an impression on me. Now I think it would be unfounded for me to feel as if Asuka had singled me out to put the full force of their quality control into my books. I'm rather sad to say that I probably didn't receive any special treatment and that the quality of my books was no different from the rest of their customers. As to the quality - I don't think I have enough adjectives to describe how impeccable the printing, binding and craftsmanship is. Both my books are at a level that I've never seen before. I can also say without a doubt that Asuka surpassed every expectation I had. The fact is, they raised the bar to enormous heights and breathed life into each of my photos. I am both honored and proud to be able to show off these books. Thank you to the entire staff at Asuka for making my work look so good."

Masato Terauchi, Masato Terauchi

France Quirion, L'Atelier du lac

"I am very very very happy with my order, that is superb in all aspects. I love to touch all the papers we order, I love all the size options, I love the thickness of the cardboard you use for the cover, and I love the presentation with the fancy transparent sheet before the first image along with the sober transparent case. Best of all, the prints are simply incredible. Blacks are definitively black and there is not a kind of roughness we felt in other coffee table books from other vendors I tried before discovering your company."

Ryan Ketterman, 2B Photography

"Just wanted to let you know I received my NeoClassic book. IT LOOKS AMAZING! Thank you! I'm so happy I ordered from AsukaBook! Going to be recommending this to all of my brides. "

Angel Marie Dibbs, Angelography

"The simplicity along with the quality are delicious!"

Esther Bunning, Esther Bunning Portrait Artist

Katie Crook, Shutterbug Photography

"I love how creatively awesome the DVD Presentation Book is. Small, compact, portable, shareable and keeps in line with the clients needs of digital."

Kelli Warren-Underwood, KWU Weddings

"I always appreciate the extra care and attention to detail your company and it's employees have for my books and my clients. It's hard to find a company who cares as much about my clients as I do."

Chris Dietz, Fizbin Photography

"Wow, the quality and color matching is an absolute A+. I am 110% satisfied."

Barnaby Aldrick, Barnaby Aldrick Wedding Photography

Kevin Kubota, Kubota Photo-Design, Inc.

"We are constantly searching for unique and beautiful ways to showcase our work — ways that complement the style of the images and stand apart from typical presentations. I think the AsukaBooks are a major breakthrough in our industry. The presentation is beautiful, contemporary, and easily adaptable to a variety of markets and photographic styles. The best part - everyone we show them to has the same thing to say, 'Wow!' It's rare that a great product comes along at such a great price too."

Daria Bishop, Daria Bishop Photography

"We just received our very first AsukaBook and it is AMAZING!!!!

Just wanted to let you know how excited we are and how gorgeous it is. It totally exceeded our expectations. We will be so proud to ship it off.

Thanks for making us look good!"

Kirstie Tweed, Orange Girl Photographs

"I really appreciate the white gloves you've been including in my packages. It fits beautifully with the quality product and exceptional customer service that I already receive from you. I love passing them along to my clients. It's a really nice thoughtful touch and I am grateful that you do it."

Amy Parrish, Amy Parrish Photography

"Our sales increased so much after we started using AsukaBook. I can't even count how many times we've been asked, "How do we get them all?" after a client saw all of their session images. Purchasing a custom-designed book is one of the options we offer, and we make it really enticing by offering a discount if clients reach a certain price point in their standard print order, then entice them once again by offering a reduced price on duplicate books."

Ben Edwards, Benjamin Edwards, Photography & Design

"By the way, the Asuka book I just received? Well, it's so amazing I wouldn't consider using anything else. I don't have anything to compare it to honestly, but it's a great feeling to know I don't HAVE to compare it : ) You guys are simply as good as it gets, kudos and hand clapping for you! I'm convinced your team makes this a better planet. ; )"

Daniel Griffins, Daniel Griffins Photography

Alain Martinez, Alain Martinez Photography Studios

"A lot of our clients love an album that can fit their living style and match their sophisticated NYC lofts or the coffee table of a chic Miami condo. Our 80 page albums can hold a large number of images, which when elegantly designed can tell the story from beginning to end without being overwhelming and still fitting those needs of a modern bride."

Juan Huerta, Juan Huerta Photography

"In this business I have found out that I could get everything right from marketing to photo-shooting to processing but if I cannot count on a company like yours to put a "button" on all a complex process, all the hard work would have meant nothing to me or more importantly, to my clients.

AsukaBooks offers just that, superb printing quality paired up with the professional and friendly help of its customer service department. In other words, exactly the peace of mind I need to mind my business better...and for that I am very thankful to you all."

Romain Negre Photographie AsukaBook Design by Studio Elle

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