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AsukaBook is proud to shine the spotlight on our customers! We love the great images these photographers capture and the high standards they set in the industry.
Alycia White

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Alycia White

Tell us about your company or studio.
My studio, Echo Photography, is in downtown Prineville, OR (right outside of Bend, OR). I specialize in senior portraits (mainly girls) through our line "Echo Chic." My goal is to make the girls feel relaxed and pampered which brings out their natural beauty and confidence.

Why photography?
Honestly, the thought that I could do something that I loved and make a living at it was my first inspiration. I wanted the freedom to be able to stretch myself and become truly "great" at something. It's definitely a process and I don't feel like I'm "there" yet. I'm just enjoying working hard and loving every day of it!

Why do you use AsukaBook?
Why not?! The quality is amazing, my images look fantastic in the books and the customer service is INCREDIBLE! My favorite book is the NeoClassic. I love the thick pages and the sleek covers options. My clients swoon over them too! Any selling tips for other photographers?
Start from the top and work your way down. When you show your clients the albums, always show them the most expensive first. They will probably end up buying whatever is in the middle, so make sure to have an higher priced option above whatever book YOU want to sell. Also, I love to work with a custom design company (I use Red Boot Design). It saves me a ton of time and the stress of having to worry about designing each album.

What else should people know about you?
I eat Oreos and drink wine....together. Sounds gross but it will change your life. I ADORE mustard yellow (or at least I do this year) and I mostly workout every day starting two months before a trade show....shhhhhh. ;)
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