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AsukaBook is proud to shine the spotlight on our customers! We love the great images these photographers capture and the high standards they set in the industry.
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Tell us about your company or studio.
Benjamin Edwards Photography has been in business for 5 years, operating out of Bend, Oregon and specializing on wedding and humanitarian photography is our photographic passion.

Why photography?
Ten years ago Kevin and Clare Kubota photographed our wedding. It was then that I understood the power of the image and from that point on I was in love with photography. Thankfully, my wife Lauren took a leap of faith with me in opening our own business and we feel blessed to be able to make living doing what we love.

Why do you use AsukaBook?
My clients and I love the Zen Layflat EX book style! I remember the first time Kevin told me about AsukaBook. I was so excited to have a new way to display our images, not just for brides but our travel work as well. There's nothing like taking a blank slate (or template if you wish) and creating what you see in your mind's eye, a way to tell your story with images. The possibilities are endless. Having so many styles to choose from and knowing that AsukaBook is a company that's driven by what their clients want, coupled with one of the best customer service departments in the business is enough to keep me from feeling like I have to look elsewhere.

Any selling tips for other photographers?
I hope this doesn't sound cliché, but I feel like they sell themselves. Clients love to flip through and imagine themselves in their own book while they're simultaneously looking at your work. I'm not a marketing genius and for better (or worse) I don't spend a lot of time on coming up with special offers or packages. While that may be time well spent, I've never had an issue selling a larger album to someone who wants to pay for it because they see the value.

What else should people know about you?
We own a photography business, but we're not solely defined by what we do for a living. In stark contrast to most business plans, we're careful not to grow too quickly or to book too many weddings. We turned down a few great wedding opportunities this July because we wanted to spend a couple of weeks together for our tenth anniversary, and to have some summer fun with our boys. We also believe in being available, not just for every session, but also for things that have deep impact. I know that if every weekend in Spring and Summer were booked with weddings, we wouldn't be able to travel and shoot for the amazing organizations we shoot for. Is it risky to say no to a great job? If you're relying on a business model that needs an endless supply of cash and your lifestyle depends on that cash, then yes. If you're willing to live more simply, to get by with a little less, then it's a beautiful adventure. I should clarify that we don't believe it wrong to start any business with the end goal of financial success--without certain success a business cannot function. We feel that our function is to inspire those around us to get involved, sometimes it's with a camera and sometimes it's with a smile.
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