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AsukaBook is proud to shine the spotlight on our customers! We love the great images these photographers capture and the high standards they set in the industry.
Lou Ferraro of LT Photography

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Lou Ferraro

Tell us about your company or studio.
Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, LT Photography has been successfully growing for the past seven years. While our main focus has been wedding and on location photography, we opened our local studio two years ago and have been working hard to build it into a destination for affordable and creative photography. Since the opening of the studio we've been able to limit how many weddings we shoot each year, and focus more on newborn, family, maternity, senior, and boudoir photography. We still have the occasional on location shoot, but our clients have really embraced the comfort, quality, and ease of coming to our Studio.

Why photography?
We never thought we would end up owning our own photography business, especially our own photography studio. It all started about 10 years ago when a friend recommended we assist them at a wedding. We were hooked! Weddings offer a combination of still life, portraits, off-camera flash, posed, un-posed - it's the most creative experience working with so many different elements, and people. Every wedding presents new challenges, and we're always excited to figure out how to tackle them and take timeless, beautiful photographs. On the other side of the spectrum, we enjoy being able to take a break from the chaos that weddings can be and step into our open, relaxing studio. It allows us to exercise our creative freedom in a more controlled environment, and since we use studio lights we're able play around with lighting for really fun photographs.

Why do you use AsukaBook?
One thing we love about using AsukaBook is the flexibility. Even the most basic album is exceptional quality. We've used them as engagement guestbooks, and wedding albums for our more budget conscious clients. The album included in our wedding packages is the 10x10 Book Bound EX with 40 Sides. It offers beautiful glossy pages that tell the story of the day, without being overwhelming in size or weight. Although we have had a couple of clients upgrade to the NeoClassic, which is always an exciting reveal. Both times the clients upgraded based off the photographs online and when they finally got to see their albums in person they were blown away. Of course we were blown away too! 

Any selling tips for other photographers?
Don't be afraid to utilize the AsukaBook website. We always show it during meetings, and if any clients want to customize their album we send them to the site and have them submit their choices to us for a custom quote. This eliminates confusion and makes it easier for us to offer a wide range of products without having to recreate all of the information with our branding. We know there are pros and cons to both ways, but with a busy studio we tend to choose the most simple route. Plus, when clients spend hundreds of dollars on a custom album we think it helps that they know the company that is creating it. They trust what they're getting even more when they see how professional AsukaBook is. 

What else should people know about you?
We've actually become quite unexpectedly popular with Boudoir Photography! Unfortunately, almost all of our clients prefer to keep their photographs off of social media, so to see our recent boudoir work you'll have to visit our website. Figuring out how to light boudoir clients was a challenge, but once we were able to work out a system we've been using it for other clients as well. As much as we love natural light, it's a lot of fun being able to control every aspect of how you're lighting your subject and offer a variety of looks in one shoot without going anywhere!
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