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Mary Sobrado of Modern Flare Photography

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Mary Sobrado


Tell us about your company or studio.
My studio is called Modern Flare Photography, a wedding and portrait studio located in Pipersville, PA. Modern Flare Photography officially went into business just one year ago.

Why photography?
I wanted to be in this business because photography allows me to express my creativity and vision through the lens and in print. I majored in graphic design and being able to do both mediums is awesome. I love making new friends and connecting with people–and photography just widens that horizon for me.

I was inspired by my dad's photography. He was a news reporter for a local newspaper before he started a family. I have always been fascinated by the Vietnam war photos he took while he was with a fleet of American soldiers. It was very striking. It took me back in time. I dreamt of one day being able to document life as it happens.

Why do you use AsukaBook?
I love AsukaBook for their high quality products. Their books are extremely phenomenal. The print quality and the workmanship is evident in every inch of their product. I am confident with my AsukaBook - if it's a hit to me, it'll be a hit with my customers. My favorite is the DVD Presentation Book. I saw it first hand at a workshop and was sold instantly. I knew that if I was my own client, I would love to have this item.

Any selling tips for other photographers?
My tip on selling an AsukaBook is to invest in one. Show your clients an AsukaBook. Give them the option to see a high-end product and a standard press book. Let your client have a feel of your AsukaBook and they will want it. The economy is tough right now and people are spending less, but customers are willing to pay for an item that's worth their money.

What else should people know about you?
I personally support animal rescues. Recently, we had a Benefit Pet Photo Day with one local animal shelter and helped raise funds to buy beds for our shelter dogs. I love giving back to the community and our studio is open to local, non-profit organizations.

What's unique about you?
I'm a burst of sunshine!
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