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Passionate Photographers Choose AsukaBook

AsukaBook is proud to shine the spotlight on our customers! We love the great images these photographers capture and the high standards they set in the industry.
Tell us about your company or studio.
Our studio is called Pat Dy Photography and started in 2004. We are based in Manila, Philippines but travel around the world to photograph. I specialize in Editorial fashion for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, as well as wedding photography.

Why photography?
For weddings I was inspired by Joe Buissink back in 2001, and Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino for my editorial work. At first I never combined my fashion approach to weddings. I started to apply my fashion style around 2006 as I noticed my brides loved being a model for a day. Making them beautiful and sexy on their wedding day is like a dream come true for them, especially when being shot by a fashion photographer.

Why do you use AsukaBook?
I love AsukaBook because their office infrastructure is the best. A good quality book to sell to photographers doesn't stop there. It should be supported by the best service available. Albums are always delivered on time, or early and the AsukaBook Customer Service Reps. Respond as quickly as possible and always fixed any issues at the blink of an eye.

I love using the Book Bound EX with Laminate Matte pages.

Any selling tips for other photographers?
My packages comes with AsukaBooks. I also tell them that if you want the best coffee table book investment in the world with the best quality and service, you only go to one supplier which is AsukaBook! The print quality is unmatched and they know and understand their paper, inks etc. So far there are many copycats in Asia, but quality was never the copycats' strong points.

What else should people know about you?
The greatest and most challenging place I've shot was recently in Beautiful Tibet. A couple from Hong Kong got me to be the first ever (I think) photographer outside of China to do an engagement shoot there. The hardships of getting a permit, the high altitude adjustment, and the red tape made this trip very memorable and is something I will cherish the rest of my life.
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