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Rich Miller of RichWeddings

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Rich Miller

Tell us about your company or studio.
My name is Rich Miller, and my studio name is RichWeddings. I found it to be a little more catchy than Rich Miller Photography. Clearly, branding is not my forte. I've been self-employed since June of 2007 as a wedding photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. Before that I was a staff photographer for the Indianapolis Star for 24 years. That experience with editorial, sports and fashion molded my approach to wedding photography.

Why photography?
I grew up in family of artists, and was constantly exposed to visual art. I couldn't draw a stick figure, and found a camera to be an outlet for my artistic endeavors. I remember pawing through the Time Life series of books on photography before I learned to read (hence my preference for pictures to words!). From an early age, I remember being impressed by the B&W work of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Minor White. In later years, as my photography evolved into weddings, I admired the work of George Hurrell. More recently, my work has been influenced by Joyce Wilson, Joe Buissink, David Beckstead and Yervant. The opportunity to study with each of these photographers has had a profound impact on my wedding photography.

Why do you use AsukaBook?
I use AsukaBooks for my wedding clientèle because of the quality and editorial "feel" I can present in them. I love the Zen Layflat format, because many times I use an image across the spread and I don't lose any of the photo down the spine. My clients love them, too. It's not uncommon to hear back from brides who loved their book, and order more for each set of parents.

Any selling tips for other photographers?
The only advice I can give other photographers is follow your passion, and you will succeed. Your imagery will sell itself, but not without great effort, dedication and desire.

What else should people know about you?
Way back around 1990, I shot the spring fashion week in NYC for the newspaper. After a long, arduous week of show after show, I jumped onto a freight elevator following the last show of the week. It was Donna Karan's as I recall. Anyway, I looked around me and there was Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, among a couple other supermodels. All were exhausted and looked at me like "Don't even think about it!" I quietly rode the elevator with them, and didn't have the guts to say one word, but I still say that was the highlight of my photojournalism career!
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