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AsukaBook is proud to shine the spotlight on our customers! We love the great images these photographers capture and the high standards they set in the industry.
Neal Urban of Neal Urban Photography

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Neal Urban

Tell us about your company or studio.
I've only been into photography for the past 5-6 years. My fiancée, Danielle, joined me full time last year! We are exclusively wedding photographers. We were recently featured in Cosmopolitan Brides of China & Rangefinder Magazine. We have a studio based out of Buffalo, New York and travel all over the country.

Why photography?
Photography found me. After the passing of my late grandfather, his old camera was passed down to me. I tinkered around with the old camera and purchased a DSLR as soon as I could. Photography is constantly evolving. I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the new gear, software and techniques. It never gets boring!

Why do you use AsukaBook?
My favorite book is the NeoClassic Book with Laminate Matte pages. The quality, weight and texture of the pages are perfect. I wanted something that was different but matched the style of my business. I also wanted to offer a book that had weight to it but not too bulky. My clients can easily pick it up and bring it to their parents house without breaking their back. When my fiancée and I get married it will be the book we choose for ourselves. Our studio samples get touched by hundreds of dirty fingers and they still look brand new!

Any selling tips for other photographers?
We sell our albums as À La Carte items. We give our clients the freedom to take the risk of making their own albums. We are artists and don't want to come across as salesmen. We just lay the book in front of them and they're sold as soon as they feel the pages. This is a prime example that AsukaBook truly sells itself.

What else should people know about you?
Instead of boring you with a childhood memory I'll share an embarrassing moment. We shot a destination engagement shoot in St. Augustine, Florida. We knew Florida was going to be hot but we were not prepared for the humidity! Within ten minutes of the shoot I could barely breath and my clothes were soaked in sweat. Within the first half hour of the shoot I escaped into an air conditioned bathroom. I leaned my body against the cold tile walls and stuck my head under the cold faucet to cool off! To this day I wonder if the clients thought if I had stomach problems for spending so much time in the bathroom? We headed to the beach with high hopes it would be cooler but the heat did not let up. The rest of the shoot I shot barefoot with my feet in the ocean. Thankfully the clients were amazing. They're originally from New York and they understood exactly what I was going through.
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